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basic concept of java
Ques-1->  What is java?
Ans-> Java is a robust, platform Independence, object oriented and inherent programming language.It used to Develop a software it may be Desktop base application or webbased application.
Ques-2-> What is jvm?
Ans->  It’s a set of mechanism issued by Sun Microsystem or code execution component of the Java Platform. It covers…
  • An Instruction Set (Java Assembly).
  • Format of class file.
  • Memory Management.
  • Class loading mechanism.
  • Implementation of JVM provided by a Vendor.
Ques-3-> What is jre?
Ans-> JRE (Java Runtime Environment): it checks weather the application is violating any rules already mentioned in JRE on not. JRE usually called a private runtime environment. It is implemented by JVM.
JRE contains…
  • Byte code verifier
  • Class loader
  • JITC (justin-time complier)
  • Class library
  • Memory management module
Ques-4-> What is jdk?
Ans->  it tools for developing, monitoring and debugging Javaapplication. In other words JDK is a tool that facilitates to compile, packaging, execute java program and core java library etc. JDK contains JRE + development tools.
Ques-5-> What is the diff b/w int and Integer.
Ans-> int is a data type while Integer is class.
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